Networking Knowledge in Addiction Research

Following on the great response to our last article, we decided to take a look at methods and networks whereby knowledge is shared and transferred, particularly in the treatment of addiction. Ixande is a drug rehab in South Africa, situated in the popular tourist destination and picturesque city of Cape Town. Ixande treats hundreds of Britons each year for alcohol addiction, drug addiction, eating disorders, sex addiction and gambling addiction. There are several reasons why Ixande is so popular with overseas clients from Britain, Holland and several other countries. One of the more obvious reasons is that the cost of admission to a drug rehab in South Africa is far lower than other first world countries, whilst the standard of treatment is of the highest quality. Cape Town has become an increasing popular destination for those seeking recovery from addiction and is home to several leading addiction professionals and rehabs. The less obvious reason why so many Britons and other foreigners seek treatment in rehabs away from home is that quite often, medical professionals themselves develop drinking problems, addiction to prescription drugs and or illegal street drugs like cocaine and heroin. It is far more discreet for a medical professional to take a leave of absence and seek treatment in a foreign country than expose him or herself within their own local industry. The transfer of new methodology and approaches are made possible by organizations like the Addiction Technology Transfer Network (ATTC).

The addictions industry in South Africa and particularly Cape Town has some of the finest addictions specialists and pioneers in treating and developing new ways of approaching the problems that develop from longer term alcohol and drug addiction, as well as gambling addiction and sex addiction. By participating and sharing findings through a knowledge transfer network specialized for addiction specialists, new treatment methods and approaches are shared and put to the test more easily. Ixande has one of the most established alcohol rehabilitation centres in south africa, where they cater for alcoholics from all walks of life.

Ixande drug rehab in South Africa

Ixande rehabilitation centre in Cape Town is a popular choice for many people seeking recovery from their addictive behaviors, largely due to their fantastic reputation, their team of dedicated professionals with years of experience in the addiction field and their care and dedication to each individual client and their specific needs. Ixande pays special attention to each of their clients, doing an extremely thorough intake when they are admitted. A dedicated counsellor is assigned to each specific client based on their specific needs. Although sex addicts, gambling addicts, codependents, drug addicts and alcohol addicts are all cared for at the same centre, the nature of the underlying causes of addiction are the same. The group therapy sessions which are held regularly each week allow for a very special kind of progress to be made