African Networking Conference in Cape Town

The Annual African Networking Summit is due to be held in Cape Town, South Africa, later on this year. Over the past few years the conference has proven to be extremely beneficial to representatives of European businesses who are interested in networking with counterparts in Africa, forging new business relationships and expanding their networks. We thought we would shed some light on the Networking Summit destination and provide some insight and tips for those who are keen to meet new business partners and develop an African network.

african network summit

Traveling first class, although would be the best way to travel, just isn’t possible for the average Joe. To save money while traveling, backpacking through different countries seems to be the thing to do. There are certain things one must take into account when backpacking, the first that comes to mind is safety. Ashanti Lodge in Cape Town comes highly recommended as safe and respected establishment which offers a wide variety of accommodation options. Whether you are just looking for a backpackers in Cape Town or would prefer something more private, Ashanti offers everything as they own several properties, all situated close to the venue for the Networking Summit. There are a lot of scammers out there and crime happens wherever you go, unless you’re visiting Sweden. But even there pick-pocketing can be a major problem. Sometimes just having common sense and following a few simple rules can be the difference between an enjoyable experience versus, not so much. The African Business Network (ABN) delivers news and industry updates covering a variety of sectors including mining.

Take some time to research your destination

Find out and learn about your destination of choice. Discover which areas are safe and which areas to avoid altogether. Find out if there are any local customs you need to follow for example, wearing of headscarves in some Muslim countries.  Health wise, it is important to know if need be to get any vaccinations or take any kind of preventative medication. Have a plan set out, locate all the hostels or backpack accommodation facilities in the area.

Be Aware of your surroundings

Traveling to new places can be distracting, which is exactly what a thief needs, to steal something from you. Leaving that new hand bag you just bought hanging from the chair while quickly take a photo of the beautiful surrounds, may not be the best idea. Don’t take your eyes off your belongings. If you can maybe think of taking a self-defense class before you go, this will teach you safety strategies and how to be more aware. The classes will teach basic self-defense moves, which might come in handy if the need arises. The great thing about Ashanti Lodge is arguably their magnificent tours and travel section. You have taken the time and effort to travel all the way to the African continent to expand your network – why not spend a few extra days getting to know the area and cultures. Whether it wine tours in Cape Town, overland tours or even a trip to the Serengeti, Ashanti Travel Centre can assist you with choosing the best option.

Be money wise

Don’t carry all your cash with you, take what you need for the moment and think about keeping the rest in a locker or safe place back at the hostel or Lodge. So if you are robbed then at least it won’t be all your money gone. You could also purchase a money belt or just sew some extra money pockets into your clothes.

Blending in

Try not to stick out like a tourist, dress like the locals do if you can and don’t wear any expensive flashy jewellery. Look like you have a plan and know where you are headed, if you’re not sure head into a local store or coffee shop to get your bearings. When traveling try not to do it alone, it is always better to move around in groups.

Planning is important.

Make sure you have everything you need in place. Things like:

  • Travel Insurance, very important.
  • Making sure you have copies of important document such as your passport or Visa’s
  • If you have to take medication, try to split it up. Place some in your pocket or bag, ensuring you have a supply even if something gets stolen or lost.
  • Plan to, not get too drunk, this will only lead to problems and make you an easy target. If you do take one too many, make sure to take a taxi back to your lodgings.

Cape Town is one of the best cities to visit in the world; the city has a lot to offer. Think of the beautiful Table Mountain, the beautiful beaches and world renowned wine routes. Cape Town also has a number of great backpacking hostels and lodges. Ashanti offers safe and stylish accommodation in their Green Point and Gardens Facilities. Each location has a variety of options from camping areas to private bedrooms and a number of other facilities, including a swimming pool.