European Interns in Africa share their knowledge

In the spirit of facilitating the transfer of knowledge via sustainable networks, we focus on African Sunrise Volunteers this week who are an agency in Cape Town making it so much easier for students to volunteer in South Africa. The agency is based in Cape Town and busy almost all of the time placing a large number of volunteers and interns in various projects in the area. African Sunrise have close ties with several Cape Town relief projects and community upliftment initiatives. The business is headed by Carina Roper who has a passion for helping underprivileged, abused, disadvantaged and battered people uplift themselves. This passion for helping others was the basis for her founding African Sunrise. The company specializes in assisting mainly European and American

swedes volunteer in Africa

students or graduates finding positions in charity projects in the Cape Town area, where they can put their specific skills and abilities to the test. Carina’s partner is a Swede who now spends most of her time in South Africa, but when she is back home in Sweden she spends a great deal of time promoting African Sunrise and creating an awareness among young Swedish people of how advantaged they are and how much they could be of use should they decide to take up an intern position in South Africa or become a volunteer in South Africa.

As a result a large number of the volunteers and interns that are placed by the agency are of a Swedish nationality. For those taking up an intern position, the opportunity to share their practical knowledge from their university studies is fantastic.


The agency is well known for it’s ability to place interns projects and initiatives that best utilize their specific field of study or knowledge. This is a unique situation where they are able to gain real life skills and experience in their field of study as well as benefiting the charity or project they are working with a great deal.

In years gone by it was popular for students to take a year off after completing their university degree or studies. This is quite understandable considering that they would have spent the last 12 to 15 years in learning institutions. The problem with this kind of blase gap year plan is that many student would not reap much benefit from the break. A large number would travel and end up in places like Ibiza, partying all night and sleeping all day. In many cases some of these students would return home with a drug or drinking problem and be disinterested in continuing on in their studies or profession. The concept of volunteering or interning in Africa or any other country that has a population in need of assistance, is a healthy way of spending time away from the learning institution and being of service to those in need. Most volunteers or interns that return from their experiences provided by African Sunrise volunteers, return home revitalized, grateful for their opportunity to have shared their knowledge and experience to help others through African Sunrise’s network of of organizations.

For many of the interns and volunteers the opportunity serves as a means to solidify their commitment to their profession or motivates them to further their studies in the fields they have chosen.


Gilbert Murray