Sharing is Caring

The transfer of knowledge doesn’t always need to be technical. For example Scotswood Retreat in Cape Town, a sober living house that deals with recovering addicts is an amazing source of inspiration for those who have lost hope of ever living a normal life again. Scotswood is conveniently nestled in the picturesque suburb of Constantia in Cape Town. The sober house concept came into being in the late 70’s as a means of providing people wishing to abstain from the use of alcohol a safe environment to live in. Sober houses follow strict rules, prohibiting any alcohol or drugs on the premises and encouraging residents to maintain their recovery and regularly attend 12 step meetings. The scourge of alcoholism and substance addiction is on the rise with literally hundreds of thousands of people suffering from dependency to alcohol and drugs. Some reach their rock bottom fast and are lucky enough to find recovery, whilst others may endure many years of suffering while undiagnosed and reliant on their drug of choice or alcohol to escape their feelings. The concept of the sober house has been found to be extremely effective in helping people find their feet and get back on track, without running the risk of temptation by being exposed to old triggers. Triggers can be friends, people, places, things, music…anything that’s like to remind them of a previous euphoric drug or alcohol related experiences. The Scotswood sober house in Cape town is managed in this same manner. The house is staffed by people that are knowledgeable and have experience in dealing with addiction.

The sober living house concept encourages residents to participate in house activities and the communal living environment makes it harder for people to isolate themselves from a support structure. Residents of sober houses often make friends for life whilst spending time there. There is something unique about the bonds that are forged between people who are facing and sharing the same difficulties. Scotswood has had outstanding reviews from past residents that stand testimony to just how essential this step was in their recovery process. The house is exquisitely furnished, is maintained and serviced by a cleaning staff three times per week, and provides dinner for its residents six out of seven nights per week. Visit the Scotswood sober house in Cape Town’s website here. The website lists all the requirements for admission – not just anybody can sign up and go and live there. This is a sober house, with specific requirements that need to be met by those making an application to stay there. In the interests of providing the best quality, Scotswood will only accommodate eight people at any given time.

It’s important for us at KTN to not just concentrate on sharing information and knowledge of a technical nature. Life is not all about ones and zeros, the human condition lends itself to many challenges and difficulties. It’s essential that new and fresh knowledge that can be beneficial to all people is shared and transferred between us. Networking is synonymous in the business world with making new contact and leads that will result in deals and profits. Networking doesn’t always have to be about self gratification.


Gilbert Murray